(While we’re on the subject of Ron Moore ….)

One word: Craprica.

Very mixed feelings here. While I liked the (extended) pilot, the show does not seem to be living up to what I expected. I desperately wanted to like it. My two biggest problems with it are 1) it just seems to be draaaaaaggggging along, and 2) I cannot find a single likable or sympathetic character in the entire frakking ensemble. The only two reasons I’ve stuck with it are 1) I recall reading somewhere online that Ron Moore was going to use Caprica to cover some of the virtual ground that Fox prevented him from covering in Virtuality, and 2) Alessandra Torresani is smokin’ hot.

So on one hand, I’m glad Sci-Fi (er … ‘cuse me … SyFy) canceled it. On the other, I wish they had let the final five eps play through to the finish. Most of the show’s subplots can go scratch as far as I’m concerned (frak the STO, in spite of how much I adore Polly Walker), but I actually would like to see how the Greystone Industries/Tauron mafia stories turn out.

Luckily, the Space channel in Canada is still broadcasting them, so torrents are available for snagging.