I am flabbergasted and dumbfounded by how blatantly stoopid NBC’s new show is. I went out of my way to tune in to the premiere, trying to like it. I lasted ten minutes. Had I not turned it off at that point, my brains would have oozed out of my ears and glorped into a nasty puddle on the couch. NBC is going to rerun the pilot again tomorrow night (as if they haven’t already melted away enough of their viewers’ IQ points), so if I’m feeling particularly masochistic I may see if I can sit through more of it then. If you never see another post from me, you know what happened; NBC made my head implode and my family was stuck cleaning up the mess with the Shop-Vac®.

Update: Finally forced myself to sit through the remainder of the two-hour premiere. My initial impressions stand: brain-meltingly stoopid.