On one hand, this new BBC sci-fi series seems a lot like what I originally expected Spielberg’s forthcoming Terra Nova would be like … that is, before I discovered that Terra Nova stoopidly sends its refugees back in time rather than to another planet.  Based on the first two episodes, Outcasts is gorgeous to look at, but almost painful to think about.  Jamie Barber is completely wasted as a trigger-happy psycho.  Liam Cunningham is almost compelling as the president of the colony.  Amy Manson is almost sympathetic as an almost sympathetic pseudo-cop.

Why is it that, whilst I was watching these episodes, I kept having Earth 2 flashbacks?  I kept waiting for Tim Curry and Clancy Brown to show up … or Terrians to pop up out of the ground.  Where’s True Danzinger when you need her?  Oh yeah, she’s dead.  Ooops.

Oh good gravy … eight and a half minutes into the second episode, this show just totally turned stoopid.

And five minutes later, it turns stoopider … oh well … so much for this … Outcasts is a royal waste of time …..