Seems like this new HBO show wants to be The Sopranos meets The Cotton Club, only without any of the charismatic or compelling bits.  I tried to like this.  I really tried to like this.  Especially since Martin Scorsese directed the first episode.  And it stars Steve Buscemi, whom I normally adore watching.  And it raked in gobs of critical praise.  Sorry, couldn’t get into it.  Couldn’t even force myself to get into it.  I pushed myself to watch the first three episodes, just to see if I was missing some sort of slow buildup.  Yawn.  As acclaimed as this is, I thought it was so amazingly boring that I’m not going to bother wasting any more of my time watching it.  Especially when the only thing that kept going through my mind again and again as every episode progressed was … so when does Treme start up again?