The first half of Doctor Who series 6 (or series 32, depending on how you count it) aired over the past few weeks.  The supposed game-changing mid-series cliffhanger finale aired June 4th in the UK and June 11th in the US of A.

I love Doctor Who.  I love Matt Smith as the Doctor.  I love Steven Moffat.  But … I’m not so sure all three of these ingredients work together.  I love garlic, I love caramel, and I love beer, but the thought of a garlic caramel beer doesn’t exactly excite me.  I’ve decided that, as far as Doctor Who is concerned, I like Steven Moffat a whole lot better as an occasional writer than as a showrunner.  The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, The Girl In The Fireplace, and Blink were fantastic examples of what Doctor Who can do in terms of storytelling.  But lately?  Eh … the best episodes of the Steven Moffat era have not been written by Moffat.

Here we go ….

The Impossible Astronaut:  The Incomprehensible Script.

Day Of The Moon:  Day I Stopped Caring.  Is it my imagination or was all that Utah location filming totally wasted?

The Curse Of The Black Spot:  Is there any connection between The Curse Of The Black [blank] and pirates?  Honestly, I liked Robert Urich’s The Ice Pirates a whole hell of a lot better than I liked this episode, and I absolutely despised The Ice Pirates when I first saw it.  So the threat is essentially the manifestation of a technologically advanced emergency medical system that tries to treat humans but does not know how to cure them?  I liked this episode a lot better when it was called The Empty Child.

The Doctor’s Wife:  Holy hell in a handbasket … thank you very much, Neil Gaiman … this is the highlight of this series thus far and quite possibly one of the BEST things this show has *EVER* done …

The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People:  A very nice throwback to the old show’s “base under siege” formula.  Matthew Graham more than apologises for his insipid Fear Her.  Now if only The Almost People was the end of this run, cuz that cliffhanger was far far more of a game-changer than the overhyped episode that followed.

A Good Man Goes To War:  A good friend of mine described this as A Good Script Is Hard To Find, or A Good Man Wouldn’t Do This To His Friends.  My response to that was A Good Man Takes A Hot Steaming Crap All Over Something I’ve Loved For Seventy-Eight Percent Of My Life.

Sigh … for the first time since the Sylvester McCoy era, I’m seriously wondering whether or not I’m going to bother watching the rest of the series when it airs in the fall.

Moffat is failing as a showrunner.  His last good script was Matt Smith’s first, The Eleventh Hour.  But The Eleventh Hour does not hold a candle to the other highlights of his era, Amy’s Choice, Vincent And The Doctor, The Lodger, and The Doctor’s Wife, none of which were written by Moffat.

Sigh … I love Doctor Who enough that I am compelled to keep watching it … but Steven Moffat needs to know that there are still a few Sylvester McCoy episodes that I have never seen.