Oh dear God …..

Okay, I went into this film with low expectations … I loved the original novel, so I waited long enough that I could barely remember the novel.  I also understand that films are not novels, so I should not necessarily expect the same exact story as portrayed in the novel.  As a matter of fact, there are a few films that I thought were better than the novels that they were originally based on – three that immediately come to mind are Jaws, Christine and From Russia With Love.

So I knew that I should not expect the same story as the novel … and I heard that if this film had not been titled after the novel that the audience reaction would have been more accepting … and I also heard that, for people who were not familiar with the novel or could set the novel aside, it was actually a pretty good zombie flick.

NO!  It fucking sucks!

I had the same problem with this as I did for series 4 of The Walking Dead – I was rooting for the zombies!  And for any zombie apocalypse narrative, that’s a very big problem.  I had absolutely no empathy or sympathy for Brad Pitt’s character at all.  The film actually jumped around too much (in spite of the jumpy source material) and some aspects of the story made no sense whatsoever.  And the 3D effects were horrible – more often than not, I was wondering whether or not I was actually watching a 3D film.  And the ultimate resolution in the film?  Ridiculous and ludicrous.

On one hand, I want to sit down and really dissect all of the problems with this film, but on the other hand I have better things to do.  (Like catching up on a backlog of other reviews that I need to rant about.)

I will give it this much:  1) It was a pleasure to see Peter Capaldi as a WHO doctor before he took over the title role of Doctor Who.  2) I would actually love to see the original cut of the film, before they went back and did some reportedly significant reshoots.  Hopefully that will come out at some point.  But then again, I’m still waiting for the director’s cut of Hard Target, too.  3) I am going to go back and watch the non-3D unrated cut of this at some point.  If I feel that version of this film offers any level of redemption, I’ll be sure to update this entry accordingly.