After being less than impressed with the first episode of Z Nation, I felt I should follow through with taking a peek at the 2D unrated cut of World War Z.  I figured it couldn’t give me much more of a headache than the 3D theatrical cut did.

Surprise #1: storywise, the unrated cut is not significantly different than the theatrical cut.  There are no major subplots added.  Somewhat disappointing, but some subtle scene extensions helped the story make a little more sense.  A litte.

Surprise #2: although the unrated cut is more violent and bloodier than the theatrical cut, it’s not a total all-out gorefest.  Some horror releases will use the “unrated cut” excuse to amp up splattering to the Nth degree.  That didn’t happen here.  Somewhat disappointing, in that I was expecting a LOT more gore, but on the other hand it was also somewhat of a relief.

Surprise #3: the film actually held my attention and my interest, in spite of the fact that I knew what was going to happen.  Part of that was because I was watching to see what was different between the two cuts, but even so it ended up engaging me more than I expected.

It’s still a crap film overall.  It’s even worse when you consider it an adaptation of its source material.  But in spite of my geeky love for 3D, if I ever had to sit someone down and force them to watch this, I would force them to watch the 2D unrated cut.

Is that an endorsement?  No.  As I said, it’s still a crap film.  And I am still hoping that the original pre-reshoot cut will surface someday.