Now THIS is how you make a Godzilla movie.  After the previous horrible gaijin attempt to make one, I am flabbergasted by how much they got RIGHT this time.

Make the movie about the characters, not about Godzilla.

Sprinkle li’l bits of teaser fights throughout the film.  Leave the big ol’ all out kaiju slapdown ’til the end.  “Let them fight.”

Put a heavy emphasis on sound design and sound editing.

The pacing is immaculate – let the tension build and build and build on a slow burn over time.

Make.  It.  Scary.

I think the last time a Godzilla movie came close to scaring me was Godzilla Vs. The Smog Monster back in 1972.  But I was only six at the time, so that’s understandable.

And that HALO jump … oooooooooh … what a beautiful sequence.

My only complaint is it seemed like they misunderstood how EMPs work.  They show EMPs knocking out all electrical systems, then the systems all seem to magically come back on afterwards.  Nope, my understanding is that the EMPs would fry the circuits, damaging them enough that they would no longer be functional.  Period.  And they made a comment about the EMPs interfering with tracking the things by satellite.  Um, nope.  I can’t imagine a ground-based EMP affecting anything in orbit.  Unless they threw in a bit of technobabble dialog that I missed.

Aside from that, this long-time Godzilla fan was very seriously impressed.