Time to play catch-up again – here’s another flick that I saw a while back and I never posted the review.

Up until now, I had considered The Avengers to be my favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe film.  In the words of John Hurt’s Doctor, “No more.”  Captain America: The Winter Soldier hit all the right notes at all of the right times, and it had a devastatingly beneficial effect on the first season of Agents Of SHIELD.

I really appreciate them playing up the ’70s style political thriller aspects, and I think the highlight of the film for me was the supercomputer that Cap and Black Widow stumble across that is cobbled together out of ’70s era computing equipment.  Plus a certain epitath on a certain tombstone at the end – that was a particularly nice touch.

The heck with Avengers: Age Of Ultron.  I, for one, can’t wait until Captain America 3 comes out!