Y’know … I’ve seen Garfukel & Oates’ vids on YouTube, and yes they made me laugh, but I wasn’t sure they could package together enough material on a regular basis to pull off a weekly TV series.  Especially after watching the first two episodes.

Interestingly enough, I had already seen Kate Micucci outside of the duo, since she played Raj’s girlfriend Lucy on The Big Bang Theory.  I liked her in that, so I figured I’d like her in Garfunkel And Oates.

Even more interestingly, I think I’m starting to like Riki Lindhome more.  The more I see of this show, the more I like it.  It’s not balls out fantastically hilarious, but it’s certainly not bad, and the songs interspersed in the episodes are usually good enough to make me hum along and giggle.

So I ended up watching all eight episodes of the entire first season.  I can officially say it took a while to grow on me, but now I like this show.  I’m actually looking forward to more, if IFC greenlights a second season.  And I just missed ’em a few weeks ago live at the House Of Blues!  Damn!