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12 Monkeys

Y’know, originally I never had any intention of watching this show.  As much as I like Bruce Willis and adore Terry Gilliam, I always thought the original 12 Monkeys film was one of Gilliam’s lesser works.  Friends of mine at the time raved about what a beautiful mindfuck it was, but I guess growing up watching Doctor Who made me consider its paradoxical storytelling pedestrian and mundane.

I just happened to be channel surfing last night and noticed a rerun of the pilot would be airing in ten minutes.  That led me to think what the heck, at least it’ll give me something to rant about here.

Imagine my surprise when I started enjoying it, almost from the outset.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered Željko Ivanek (Danvers!) was in it.  Imagine my surprise when I caught myself getting caught up in it, nodding my head and muttering out loud, “Y’know … this is pretty good.”

It entertained me, and that’s what is important.  The pilot episode entertained me far more than the original film did.  Now there’s no guarantee that the rest of the scripts for this season will keep up this level of quality, but the pilot was good enough to encourage me to give the show a chance.  So I think I probably will.



The Man In The High Castle

I haven’t bothered watching any of Amazon’s myriad pilots … until now.  And wow, this is good.  Impressively good, even for a cynical longtime Philip K. Dick fan.

On one hand, this makes me want to go back and read the book that inspired it.  It has been way way too long since I last read that.

On the other hand, this makes me want to completely avoid the book that inspired it.  The differences between this and the source material are intriguing enough that I would love to see where Frank Spotnitz ends up going with it.

On the gripping hand, I damn well hope that Amazon eventually greenlights this!  The worldbuilding on display here is downright beautiful and I really want to see it explored further.  All I can do is encourage everyone reading this to please take Amazon’s survey and vote in favor of more episodes for The Man In The High Castle.

More episodes!  Now!  Please!