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I really wanted to like this.  I do actually like the lead actress.  I also like the character that she inhabits.  I do not like the fact that Comcast On Demand forces me to watch their commercials and prevents me from fast forwarding through those bits.  So I’m a little jaded here.  I tried watching it via a legitimate venue, but Comcast’s actions make me feel like I should torrent iZombie if I’m going to keep watching it.

Am I going to keep watching it?  I’m not sure yet.  Considering that I was consistently yelling a hearty “Fuck you!” at Comcast throughout every single commercial that their On Demand service forced me to watch, it makes me want to completely cancel my cable TV service and just rely on their internet service for downloading torrents.  And the story seemed a li’l pedestrian … I thought Liv’s character was fairly well developed, but her surrounding characters were this side of cardboard.  However, I’m still a sucker for zombie stories … so I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt for the time being, and I’ll download subsequent episodes instead of bothering to watch them On Demand, and we’ll see how it goes.

Oh, and by the way … officially … from the mouth of someone who has been a customer since Babylon 5 moved to TNT back in 1998 … fuck you, Comcast.


The Last Man On Earth

I originally had no interest in this show, but I decided to give it a try because I heard through the grapevine that it was good, that it was funny and that it was rather well written.

It might be well written, but it’s written well enough to make me actively dislike both of the main characters.  And if I don’t like the only two characters in a show, I won’t be watching the show.

I did consider it watchable until Kristen Schaal appeared.  From that point, none of the interactions between the characters were even enjoyable, let alone humorous.  If I ended up in Will Forte’s shoes, I would eventually be forced to treat her the way Walter treated Genevieve in Ray Bradbury’s “The Silent Towns.”

When I get a total of zero laughs out of the first two episodes of a new (supposed) comedy, there’s no point in me wasting any further time watching it.  So much for that.


R.I.P. Maurice Hurley

This was overshadowed by Nimoy’s hospitalization and subsequent death, but we also lost Maurice Hurley last week.  He was instrumental in the development of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and as the writer of the episode “Q Who” he was the creator of the Borg.  Sigh.

Movie time again tomorrow for my family: “Q Who,” “The Best Of Both Worlds” parts 1 & 2, and “Family.”  Heavy sigh.