Wow!  Color me seriously impressed.

I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed the original Daredevil film, but this series out-Daredevils Daredevil in the very first episode.  And as much as I thought Michael Clarke Duncan was a casting coup back in 2003, Vincent D’Onofrio’s first appearance as the Kingpin here sent shivers up and down my spine.

This is the darkest that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has gone thus far, and it works tremendously well.  I’m pausing to write this up after binge watching the first three episodes, and now I’m heading back to the TV with a drinking jar full of Fosters to work my way through another few eps.

A few shoutouts:

Charlie Cox is spot-on perfect as Matt Murdoch/Daredevil.  I adore him in this role.

The continuous shot at the climax of the second episode was freakin’ awesome!  Felt like a nice homage to John Woo’s long continuous shot in and out of the elevator in Hard Boiled.

I’m so glad that Deborah Ann Woll is a part of this.  I could watch her in damn near anything, but she looks much better as a redhead than as a blonde.

The fight at the climax of the third episode has to be the most vicious fight I’ve seen yet in any MCU installment.  And I thought the May-on-May fight in Agents Of SHIELD‘s “Face My Enemy” was something.  Yowza.

So please forgive me as I shut down here and go back to binge watching a few more eps.  Now I can’t wait for Stick to show up.