Disclaimer: I have not seen any prior episodes of American Horror Story.  I know the basic premise, that each series is a new story, but I’ve never seen Murder House, Asylum or Coven.

Still … WOW!

Beautifully shot – I absolutely adore the cinematography and the split screens.  I really miss ol’ ’70s style split screens.  And Jessica Lange is fantastic.  “Oh no, my darling, you are confused.  You liked it here with us.  No … no … you LOVED it.”

Overall, the first episode is far more creepy than scary.  Get under your skin creepy.  Basically Twin Peaks style creepy.  I would probably consider it scary if I had issues with clowns.

This is almost as if David Lynch and Mark Frost decided to remake Tod Browning’s Freaks as a 13 episode miniseries.  I kinda get the feeling this is pretty close to the kind of series that Carnivale aspired to be.

“It’s a godawful small affair
To the girl with the mousy hair
But her mommy is yelling no
And her daddy has told her to go”

Holy shit, this just turned fantastic!