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I’m going to preface this by saying, long time James Bond fan here.  I’ve loved 007 movies ever since I was a kid.  Hell, I can even find redeeming features in such steaming piles of poo as A View To A Kill.

With all that in mind ….

This isn’t truly a review of Spectre, cuz I couldn’t bleedin’ make it through the movie.

I tried watching it today.  I really did try.

The halfway spectacular pre-credits sequence was completely ruined by the horrible song and tentacle-porn-infused opening credits.  I gave up at that point.

I do have to admit that I was pleased to see a return to Goldfinger/Thunderball era green screen work during the helicopter sequence, and I laughed out loud when the title sequence started flashing back to Craig’s previous Bond films.  Made me seriously wish I was watching Casino Royale instead.  That’s a very very bad feeling to have fourteen minutes into the movie.

Honestly, Sam Smith’s choice of inflections and vocal range are what I would expect out of a 30-something-year-old neckbeard’s wailing lamentations that his mother just punched him square in the nutsack.

I’ll revisit this and watch it all the way through at some point … but I really feel the need to rewatch A View To A Kill first.


R.I.P. John Barry

I was washing dishes Saturday afternoon when a track called “007” from the From Russia With Love soundtrack popped up on my iPod.  That led me to jump to a few other tracks from James Bond soundtracks, but I kept coming back to “007.”  I’ve always loved the interaction between the various instruments in that track.  As iconic as the James Bond Theme is, for me the one musical piece I always associate with 007 is “007.”

Surprisingly enough, when I suggested watching From Russia With Love Saturday night, nobody objected.  My kids don’t necessarily like older movies the way I do, so I expected someone to pipe up with some other suggestion.  Nope.  The boys had never seen it and my daughter didn’t remember it, so Saturday night we put on Sean Connery’s best Bond film, with Robert Shaw in his most menacing performance.

And the one thing that inspired me to do so was John Barry’s “007.”

John Barry, OBE, died yesterday.  Film music lost a legend.  Although he did not compose the James Bond Theme, his music helped define the James Bond filmgoing experience.  He was always one of my favorite film composers, right up there alongside Bernard Hermann and Ennio Morricone.

John Barry, you will be missed.

BBC News Obituary: John Barry