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John Wick

Normally I would say “Wow!” here, but considering the star I think it’s more appropriate for me to say “Whoa!”

This is a fine example of how pure unmitigated vengeance can become a thing of beauty.

All cylinders are firing on target here.  Awesome cinematography, awesome stuntwork, great characterizations and a flashback format of storytelling that for once does not annoy me.  And like High Moon, I absolutely love how they did the subtitles for when the characters were speaking Russian.

My only complaint is that I have absolutely no memory of this film hitting the cinemas.  I wish I had known about it when it was first released last year, cuz I really would’ve loved to have seen it on the big screen.




I can’t remember the last time a SyFy Original actually attempted something resembling hard sci-fi.  Ascension is very pretty on the surface, and the production design of the ship’s interior is extremely well done.  The opening ten minutes were spectacular and sucked me right into the story.  Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to love it, based largely on the concept of a generation ship launched back in 1963, I can only like it.  And even then, I can only like it when I check my brain at the door.  The more I think about it, the more questions I have, and few of these questions have answers.

The big twist at the end of the first night/second episode simultaneously intrigued and annoyed me.  Intrigued in that it literally pulled me immediately into watching the next part and threw the entire concept for a loop.  Annoyed because I was looking forward to seeing the originally stated concept explored in much further depth.

I can’t help feeling that the entire miniseries is one big wannabe.  It wanted to be something big, intelligent and groundbreaking.  It ended up striving for those heights rather than reaching them.  A good example of this is the cast.  Whenever I saw Brian Van Holt on screen, I wanted him to be a Stargate-era Kurt Russell.  Whenever I saw Gil Bellows on screen, I wanted him to be Mark Sheppard.  It strives for a level of quality that it cannot quite achieve.

My biggest problem is that the big twist damaged my suspension of disbelief regarding the ship’s crew’s suspension of disbelief.  On one hand it answers a number of my questions about the science behind the ship.  On the other, it opens several other questions regarding how nobody on board has ever figured it out.  That’s pretty dim considering they supposedly packed 600 of the brightest minds in the country in that ship back in ’63.

Finally, there’s the last section of the finale, where it jumps from science fiction into science fantasy.  I really would’ve rather seen them stick to a straightforward sci-fi story.  I also really would’ve rather seen them wrap things up from a storytelling perspective instead of leaving so many threads dangling in a wannabe cliffhanger for a second season that has no guarantee of being produced.