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Sherlock (2010)

Wow! The BBC one-ups Warner Brothers to produce the best ever modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes! Benedict Cumberbatch is fantastic as Holmes, and Martin Freeman is equally exquisite as Watson. I really want to complain that they’re limiting themselves to only three 90 minute eps per series, but heck … if they need to keep the number of eps low in order to keep the quality this high, then I have no choice but to withdraw said complaint.

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Very odd … I’m not really sure what to make of this one … on one hand it appears to be complete and utter crap … yet it’s extremely well-made complete and utter crap.

Everyone in my family loves this film. I missed it (by choice) in the cinema, figuring I’d eventually catch it on DVD. My daughter loves it enough that we picked up the DVD/Blu-Ray combo for her, so we popped it into the Blu-Ray player the other night.

I lasted thirty minutes.

At that point, I realized I had enough time to to stuff a load of laundry in the washer and set myself up in the basement to catch a new episode of Stargate: Universe. And I don’t particularly care for Stargate: Universe.

Let me add at this point that I almost *NEVER* walk out on a film once it has started, no matter how bad it might be or how much I dislike it. Once I start watching it, I’ll do my damnedest to see it through. But in this case, yes, I actually finally found something that I thought was worse than SG:U.

Later on in the evening, after everyone else went to bed, I popped the DVD into my desktop and watched the remaining 90 minutes of the film whilst I surfed on my laptop.

It is worth seeing, if just for the fantastic score and some of the cinematography. And Jude Law is almost excellent as Watson. He probably comes the closest to portraying Doyle’s original depiction of Watson in any film adaptation of Doyle’s work.

But, in spite of how the rest of my family feels about it, I can’t stop thinking that it is a stupid crappy script stuffed full of Holmes-ish caricatures rather than real characters. When you’re able to consistently spout the antagonists’ dialog five to ten seconds before they do so throughout the entire film, that’s a very very bad sign …..

… but the soundtrack fuckin’ rocks!