What an amazing failed opportunity. In one respect, the filmmakers succeeded in creating a live-action anime. The film is incredibly beautiful to look at. The script, however, sucks. Having grown up watching the original cartoon series, I have a particular fondness for Speed, Trixie, Sparky, and the rest of the gang. They almost nailed it here. But they made the mistake of putting way too much of an emphasis on Spritle & Chim-Chim, which made me want to take a hammer to my screen. And they totally fucked up the race sequences by too many jumpy fast cuts. Coming from the team who made the Matrix movies, it amazed me at how poorly edited the action sequences were.

With a halfway intelligent script, an editor who knows the value of long cuts, and bullets in Spritle’s & Chim-Chim’s brains, this could have been a masterpiece. Instead, it ends up in the $5 bin at Target. Sigh.