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Mission: Impossible III

My boys have never seen the Mission: Impossible films, so we are slowly working our way through all of them prior to seeing Rogue Nation. I saw the first two in the cinema way back when and my daughter swears up and down that I also saw Mission: Impossible III. Um, nope. I would’ve remembered it based on the beautifully tense pre-credits sequence alone.

Wow. Awesome. Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a wonderfully insidious son of a bitch, the exact level of baddie that was missing from the first two films. The first film got a little too caught up in confusing people with convoluted pseudo-espionage, and as much as I love John Woo the second film focused a little too heavily on overly stylized action set pieces. J. J. Abrams caught the perfect combination of both in this film. Normally I despise flashback-based storytelling and hand-held shakycams, but both worked extremely well here. And the cinematography in this film was gorgeous.

Now I’m really looking forward to finally seeing Ghost Protocol.

Edge Of Tomorrow

Holy SHIT!  That was fantastic!

Warner Brothers appears to be trying to remarket this as “Live Die Repeat.”  Fuck that.  If you are going to retitle it, go back to the original title of the Japanese source material, All You Need Is Kill.  That title kicks more ass than anything your marketing department could EVER fucking come up with.

Holy shit, holy fuck, holy fill in the expletive of your choice.  Absolutely positively best film of 2014 thus far.