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TRON: Legacy

Let’s revisit what I posted about October’s TRON Night:

“Not bad. Rather impressive, actually. The world of the grid was updated nicely with modern CGI.”

That almost sums up how I feel about TRON: Legacy now that I’ve seen the rest of the film. The IMAX 3D experience was nowhere nearly as immersive as Avatar, but it was definitely worth seeing on a big ol’ 3D screen. The special effects and the action sequences are fairly impressive. It’s just when the characters keep going back to talking about what has happened to them in the intervening 21 years that things start to bog down. Trim out some of the flashbacky bits, condense the rest into one single flashback, and dump all the exposition on me in that one better-edited moment and I might be a little happier with it.

The film’s most successful failure is CGI-ifying Jeff Bridges to make him look and sound like he did back in ’89. I’d have to say they were 89% successful with that. What they seamlessly achieved is remarkable; I almost believed this was Preston Tucker or Jack Baker in a fancy glowing suit. But alas, it wasn’t perfect. Had they limited this effect solely to CLU, I could’ve forgiven the imperfections (after all, CLU is a computer program), but we also see it done on a 1989 Kevin Flynn, and that just didn’t work for me.

Still worth seeing, tho.


TRON Night 2010

Taking a cue from what Avatar did last year, Disney presented a 23 minute preview of TRON: Legacy tonight in IMAX 3D.  Not bad.  Rather impressive, actually.  The world of the grid was updated nicely with modern CGI.  When I first heard about TRON: Legacy, I figured I would wait to see it until it was released on DVD.  This marketing strategy worked, at least for me; I’ll definitely queue up to see it on the big big 3D screen this December.